Pursuing Value

I’ve owned this domain for quite some time, intending to use it to project myself in the way I want to express myself. I’ve never really found the time to plan and develop what that means. I don’t want to really “go public” and collect followers while doing those things that bloggers do; whatever that actually is.

This is probably more for me, to make sure what and how I think (they are really almost the same thing) is up to the standards I want them to be. If it helps anyone else, that’s a bonus for them. The reason I pursue this value is for me; if anyone else finds value in it, then kudos to them.

I suppose it’s a bit of a self-serving initial post, but, see the appropriate warnings above. At any point, you are free to pursue anything else of value to you on the internet, in your world, or in you mind. Don’t let me hold you back.

Author: sageikosa

Ikosa Framework Author

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