Agile Angst

I hadn’t experienced anything approaching unfiltered “Agile” directly until recently. I worked in software before the Internet explosion, which is before the social-media twit stream outpouring with the metric of “likes” and “followers” (i.e., eyeballs). I had experience building projects and products for specific purpose, with known human resources of established and neophyte talent. In … Continue reading “Agile Angst”

Pursuing Knowledge

The term philosophy, from its Greek roots, it is the love of wisdom. Since I often ponder with a little decompositional analysis, philosophy stands on two legs. The first, that usually (probably?) gets the most attention is wisdom. The second, that usually gets the short end of the semantic relationship, is love; and how “love” … Continue reading “Pursuing Knowledge”

Naive about Set Theory

A few months back I started putting together a page about systems to provide some foundations (framing, schema?) to communicate further expressions about value-systems, their nature, and evaluating their efficacy and ultimately “value” across a variety of value-assessing criteria (and as one might guess, explain criteria for evaluating any criteria making up an identifiable value … Continue reading “Naive about Set Theory”

Pursuing Value

I’ve owned this domain for quite some time, intending to use it to project myself in the way I want to express myself. I’ve never really found the time to plan and develop what that means. I don’t want to really “go public” and collect followers while doing those things that bloggers do; whatever that … Continue reading “Pursuing Value”

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